0.6 Acknowledgments

No book is the product of a single person. There are many people who have helped make this book possible. I’d like to thank the R community for creating R and for fostering a dynamic ecosystem around it. Thanks to Hadley Wickham and other members of the tidyverse team for creating the software that this book revolves around, and for opening up many opportunities for me to deepen my understanding of R, data analysis, and visualization. I’m grateful that my employer, RStudio, not only makes it possible for me to work with some of the leading lights in the R community, but also pays us to work software that the entire R community benefits from.

Thanks to the technical reviewers for this book, and the first edition of it: Garrett Grolemund, Thomas Lin Pedersen, Paul Teetor, Hadley Wickham, Dennis Murphy, and Erik Iverson. Their depth of knowledge and attention to detail has resulted in a much better book.

Finally, I would like to thank my wife, Sylia, for her support and understanding – and not just with regard to the book.